The Dynamics and Potentials of Asian Agro-Food Marketing

This paper attempts to look at the dynamics and perhaps the complexities of agro-food marketing in Asia. It is based on my observations and readings on the topic. As such, it is not strictly a scientific paper. It ends with my impressions on the potentials of agro-food marketing and some possible policy directions that can be inferred from the discussion.

A little caveat before I proceed. This paper cannot really do much justice on the topic of Asian agro-food because Asia is a big continent, comprising 44 countries and stretching over 10 time zones. The region speaks five major languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, and Javanese, although English is widely spoken in many parts. No one country can represent Asia; all countries have little in common except their geographic proximity. Perhaps, the commonalities depend on how each Asian country relates to the various phenomena observable vis-a-vis their own agro-food marketing practices.

Vol. 9 No. 1, June 2012

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