Eating for a Lifetime: Filling the Policy Gaps in Philippine Fisheries

Briones, Roehlano M. 2007. "Eating for a Lifetime: Filling the Policy Gaps in Philippine Fisheries." Asian Journal of Agriculture and Development 4(1): 25-39.

The fishery sector has become a large and dynamic contributor to Philippine agriculture. However, the sector confronts the problem of high poverty and alarming threats to its resource base. Policy responses to these problems have been implemented in recent years, but serious gaps remain. Addressing these policy gaps requires reforms that would lead to aquaculture development, bureaucratic rationalization and decentralization, the protection of aquatic habitats, the implementation of a science-based regime of fisheries management, and the promotion of diversified livelihoods among poor fishing communities. A concerted effort to address poverty and resource degradation may incur considerable short-run costs, but would likely yield larger long-term social payoffs.

  • June 2007

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