Role of Participatory Development Communication in Natural Resource Management: A Case in Ratchaburi Province, Thailand

Kheerajit, Cherdpong, Alexander G. Flor. 2014. "Role of Participatory Development Communication in Natural Resource Management: A Case in Ratchaburi Province, Thailand." Asian Journal of Agriculture and Development 11(2): 87-102.

Using selected agricultural communities in Ratchaburi Province in Thailand, this study mainly investigates the relationship between participatory development communication (PDC), on one hand, and knowledge, attitude, and practice of community-based natural resource mangement (CBNRM), on the other. Toward achieving this goal, data were collected to: (1) identify the status of CBNRM in Krabyai sub-district, Ratchaburi province; (2) determine the PDC levels of the various stakeholders; and (3) find out the level of knowledge, attitude, and practice of CBNRM. The results of the statistical analysis and the conclusions drawn from a focus group discussion provide the basis for the steps recommended to enhance PDC as applied to CBNRM efforts in other municipalities in Thailand. The study follows a one-shot survey research design whereby primary information is elicited from 43 respondents consisting of 35 farmers and 8 government officers. Data are analyzed using descriptive statistics and Spearman's rank correlation coefficient analysis.

The findings highlight the need to improve and continuously find ways to properly involve and encourage participation from various stakeholders. In terms of PDC levels, data show that consultation is favored by most stakeholders. Most of the respondents have high knowledge of CBNRM. More than half of the respondents have a positive attitude toward CBNRM. As to the levels of practice of PDC in CBNRM, most stakeholders often participate in activities conducted on natural resource management. Most importantly, a significant relationship was found between the level of PDC and the knowledge, attitude and practice of stakeholders on CBNRM.

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