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  • Back in the Soup: Now What?

    This article for AJAD presents the outlook for the world rice market as of early September 2023. It builds on the author's AJAD article from a year ago (https://doi.org/10.37801/ajad2022.19.2.p1) and on multiple articles in the East Asia Forum (https://www.eastasiaforum.org/2023/). A year...
  • Digital Technology Adoption and Potential in Southeast Asian Agriculture

    While the rural agriculture sector has traditionally been seen as backward relative to the urban industrial and services sectors, it is a potential “low-hanging fruit” ripe for a much-needed digital transformation for agricultural development. ASEAN has seen a U-turn in progress in...
  • Feeding the Future: Knowledge and Perceptions of the Filipino Youth Toward Agriculture

    Cognizant of the critical role the youth could play to sustain, develop, and build a sustainable, resilient, and inclusive agriculture industry, this study was conceptualized to establish a thorough understanding of the determinants of the Filipino youth’s intention to enroll in agricultural...
  • Transition from Agriculture to Non-Agriculture Occupations in West Bengal, India: Causes and Way Forward

    This empirical study reveals that agriculture in West Bengal, a major state in India, is nonviable as a primary source of occupation for most agricultural households who have been distressed to diversify to the nonfarm sector. However, the underdeveloped rural nonfarm sector does not leave enough...
  • Economic and Profitability Analysis of Walnut Production in Kashmir Valley, India

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    The Jammu and Kashmir union territory is the largest producer of walnuts in India, and this crop provides an important source of livelihood for many farmers. This study aims to measure the economic efficiency and profitability of walnut orchards and explore constraints in cultivation in the Kashmir...
  • A Soil Analysis Approach to Assessing Potential Loss of Productive Lands Under Agricultural Land Conversion

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    Land provides physical space and is usually required for various sectoral developments needed to meet the needs of increasing population. Land is a finite natural resource; thus, conflict arises over land use and development. The strategic location of the municipality of Pura in Tarlac province...
  • Commentary: Institutionalizing Agricultural Ethics

    When something is institutionalized, it is established as a convention or norm of an organization or culture. Most professional disciplines have institutionalized and published their professional ethical expectations. Universities routinely include ethical study in the curriculum for medicine, law...