Feeding the Future: Knowledge and Perceptions of the Filipino Youth Toward Agriculture

Mercado, Kringle Marie P., and Henny Osbahr. 2023. "Feeding the Future: Knowledge and Perceptions of the Filipino Youth Toward Agriculture." Asian Journal of Agriculture and Development 20(2): 31-50. https://doi.org/10.37801/ajad2023.20.2.3


Cognizant of the critical role the youth could play to sustain, develop, and build a sustainable, resilient, and inclusive agriculture industry, this study was conceptualized to establish a thorough understanding of the determinants of the Filipino youth’s intention to enroll in agricultural degree programs. This research assessed the younger generation’s agricultural learning experiences and explored their perception of the agriculture industry and evaluated how these different factors affected the shaping of their uptake of agricultural courses. The study utilized a case study approach in the local context of General Santos City, Philippines. The key findings reveal that while the youth report high exposure to agricultural information, these have not been translated into inherent knowhow; they attained only average scores in the assessment of their agricultural knowledge. They also have limited knowledge or familiarity with agricultural professions. In addition, the majority held positive economic, social, and personal perceptions toward the industry. However, they expressed reservations in considering if employment opportunities in the sector are profitable, if the society will hold them in high regard once they engage in the sector, and if they have the suitable skills and know-how to engage in the sector. Statistically, age, social participation, and personal perceptions were found positively significant (p<0.05), while economic perceptions were negatively significant (p<0.05) in determining the youth’s intention to enroll in agricultural programs and ultimately engage in agriculture. Thus, it is inferred that intervention programs, starting early in the curriculums of the youth, along with social programs that highlight capacity building, are necessary to pique their interest toward the industry and entice them to engage in its professions.

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Asian Journal of Agriculture and Development (AJAD)
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