Rural Adaptation to Climate Change: New Findings and Existing Knowledge

Huang, Jikun, Jinxia Wang, Dang K. Khoi, Herb Plunkett, Ying Xu, Christopher Findlay. 2021. "Rural Adaptation to Climate Change: New Findings and Existing Knowledge." Asian Journal of Agriculture and Development 18(2): 1-16.

This paper discusses the results of new research at the farm level regarding farmers’ responses to climate change. These results are placed in the context of existing literature. The topics include the benefits of adaptation, the forms of adaptation, and the drivers of adaptation such as land tenure, water allocation systems, the operation of labor markets, and the extent of social capital. Moreover, this paper examines farmers’ responses to market signals as they consider adaptation options and the connections of these options with infrastructure quality. It also reviews policy options that support adaptation. 

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