A Systematic Protocol for Mapping Forest Governance Research in Indonesia

Rahayu, Erna Ika, Seni Adi Subrata, Ahmad Maryudi. 2018. "A Systematic Protocol for Mapping Forest Governance Research in Indonesia." Asian Journal of Agriculture and Development 15(2): 109-122.

Indonesia possesses a vast amount of forest resources. However, this condition has degraded and has triggered ecological and social problems. Many researches, especially forest governance researches, have been conducted in Indonesia and these have covered wide aspects of forest governance. Research findings are suspected to be neither adopted nor implemented in the policy process because there is no summary of the research findings in a simple and an easy-to-understand form. A systematic review method enables a more comprehensive search and presentation of these research findings. This paper presents a protocol map in conducting researches related to forest governance. A data extraction template with 13 keywords was used to assess articles included in the study. Based on the findings, determining keyword/s is a crucial step in conducting a systematic review.

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