Global Financial and Food Price Crisis: A Double Shock on ASEAN Food Security

Wana, Chayoot, Bernadette Andreosso-O'Callaghan. 2017. "Global Financial and Food Price Crisis: A Double Shock on ASEAN Food Security." Asian Journal of Agriculture and Development 14(1): 1-15.

The food price crisis that occurred in the mid-2000s and the global financial crisis that transpired in 2008 had an enduring impact on developing and emerging countries where investment growth rates have declined sharply. Food insecurity has also become an important concern. Using a food security assessment model, an analysis of the medium- to long-term repercussions of the food price and global financial crises on ASEAN food security revealed that the effects of the food price crisis are expected to be more negative than those of the global financial crisis. When a financial crisis occurs in the USA and Europe, investment flows to emerging markets, suggesting that countries like Lao PDR, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam benefit from it. However, when a global financial crisis occurs, other ASEAN countries like Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines are negatively affected.

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